YWCA Greater Cleveland and Berkshire Group



YWCA and Berkshire Group have been partnering for several years.  Janet presents 2 training segments for the YWCA Greater Cleveland, at their Women’s Leadership Institute program. She covers Mentoring for the Quest participants and Developing Your Personal Leadership Plan for the Boot Camp and Quest participants combined.

The focus of the program is Empowering Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

Today’s marketplace is relentless, fast-paced and highly competitive. There is a never-ending challenge to recruit, retain, develop, and inspire productive employees. You need team members committed to growing professionally and personally while motivating and mentoring those around them. Your employees need to be self-aware of their abilities to positively impact your business—and willing to take on increasing levels of responsibility to benefit their individual career tracks and the overall organization.


Are you ready to step up to a new level of leadership? YWCA Quest provides skills that managers need to successfully get work done through others.  Leading a team requires an understanding of group dynamics, coaching, performance management and organizational influence. Quest is uniquely structured to help build relationships, learn and test new ideas, and strengthen leadership presence and capabilities.

Who Should Attend

Quest is ideal for new managers, experienced managers who have not had formal training, and those who could use support making the transition from individual contributor to a leader of others.

Boot Camp

Women face unique challenges as career professionals. YWCA Boot Camp is designed to help overcome those common workplace challenges that can be faced while climbing the career ladder.  We teach concepts and strategies to capitalize on opportunities, increase confidence and enhance competence as a leader. Boot Camp is uniquely structure to help build relationships, learn and test new ideas, and strengthen leadership presence and capabilities.

A Proven Track Record of Success

The YWCA Women’s Leadership Institute offers a comprehensive leadership development training curriculum and corresponding programs designed to build, train, recognize and empower transformative leaders at all phases of their careers.

The Institute’s proven programs are based on industry best practices, research and the personal experiences of our instructors. Plus, each program is designed using proven learning techniques to increase the competencies of our participants. We have influenced more than 800 women from Fortune 500 companies, small- and mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

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To learn more about our Mentoring program: https://www.berkshiregroupinc.com/our-services/leadership-development/#mc