What does positive energy have to do with Leadership?

What does positive energy have to do with Leadership?

By Janet Kendall White

Recently when I presented to a client’s board one of the members made a comment about my positive energy and how needed it was in the organization. That reminded me about how important energy and energy management are for a leader but not just any energy, positive energy.

There is significant evidence that the leader determines whether a project, change effort, or organization will experience significant success. It is not the strategy, the plan, the processes or systems, or any other factor, it is the leader. Those things may be important but with a poor leader even if all those things are done well, an organization will not have the great success it could.

One definition of energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. As corporate athletes, sustained energy and energy management are so important and so often overlooked. Full engagement is the sweet spot of human energy.

As leaders, it is our role to first manage our own energy so that we have something to give, and then to bring that energy to the relationships with others that we work with and are around. That positive energy is contagious, it elevates, lightens a room, it causes people to want to perform better.

I know you have experienced that sensation called “hangry” when you are past the point of needing food in your physical body. At that point are you fully engaged with those around you or is every thought on how to get food? We know it is the latter. When you are emotionally drained are you fully engaged? For us to be fully engaged and fully engage others it requires us to nurture and take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Organizations with positive energy leaders thrive, the energy is palpable to others, and it attracts others that want to be a part of it.

Leadership development is a broad topic and there is so much written on and about it. One of the best programs that I have ever taken and gotten certified in is the Corporate Athlete program because it is one of the few programs that focuses on all four aspects of the equation. There are many skills for us to develop as leaders for sure but then there are the 4 areas of our own energy to manage for us to be positively and fully engaged. Choosing an area that you know will have a positive impact on what you bring to the table if you improve is a place to start. Focus on that one area for 90 days, you will be surprised by the difference it makes.

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