The Power to Choose

The Power to Choose

by Janet Kendall White

What is the most important real estate you own? The six inches between your ears!

I was taught that saying many years ago and have not nor will I ever forget it. I was also taught that if we don’t control our minds our minds will control us. Not just as a leader but everyone has the option to work and build the capability to control our thoughts. In today’s world where we are bombarded by stimulus much of which is negative, it is so important to do regular and frequent “check ups from the neck up”.  Check your thoughts but also what you are feeding yourself on a regular basis. Is it positive? Is it helping you reach your goals and influencing you to lead and influence others in a positive way?

As part of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative Program four things are included in the Power to Choose section: Influence, React vs Respond, Locus of Control and Vision. We have the power to choose what and who influences our thoughts. We have the power to choose whether we respond or as Stephen Covey would say own the gap between stimulus and response. . We have the power to choose to grow what is in our control and influence and we have the power to choose to envision what we want for our life and go after it. We can choose to have and take a proactive approach versus reactive.

My encouragement is to do a checkup from the neck up now.

  • What are you listening to on a daily and weekly basis?
  • What are you watching?
  • What are you reading?
  • Who do you spend most of your time with?
  • Do you have a current personal vision and goals that you are going after?
  • How is your language? Is it reactive or proactive?


Set a calendar reminder to do regular checkups using the above questions.  We all need to adjust our habits at times. Sometimes that which is comfortable is not the best and it is time to develop a new habit. You have to be bad before you are good, you have to move outside your comfort zone in order to then have that which was outside your comfort zone become comfortable.

A few resources to read or listen to: