The Five Behaviors™ for Competitive Advantage

Did you ever wonder why some teams and thus organizations are so successful? From sports to the corporate world they stand out and success follows them.  The reasons for their success are really quite simple but not easy to accomplish. They have developed not your everyday trust, but vulnerability-based trust.  They engage in productive, topical conflict that results in better answers. They make a commitment to the decisions that are made and then hold each other accountable without waiting for the leader to do so. They get results.

For years we have worked with all types of organizations to assist them with their planning and develop their culture, leadership, and teams in order for them to achieve the business results they are seeking.  Our strength is facilitating groups and training people to work toward a common purpose. We pride ourselves on cultivating teams that work effectively together so that everyone can contribute to their fullest potential and be rewarded for doing so.

We have seen and used various models for team development.  Many years ago, we read the ‘Five Dysfunctions of Team’ by Patrick Lencioni and applied those principles effectively with our clients. For years we have administered personality assessments in organizations to provide them with the tools needed to improve relationships within and across teams and assist with coaching and conflict situations.  This can also provide the organization with a common language and understanding that is foundational to developing more cohesive teams.

Recently we had the opportunity to partner with Wiley Publishing combining the Everything DiSC trademark product suite and the Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams trademark program that they have developed. This really pulls it all together into one framework, one system, with the assessments and facilitation material needed to assist groups into becoming a cohesive team.

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Five Behaviors™ as a value-added service for our clients. We look forward to working with you in developing cohesive teams in your organization.

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