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Janet Kendall White

These are individual comments received from participants at recent trainings:

Completed Everything DISC Workshop today, and it was the best time I have spent on self exploration and development as I move forward with my company. Every minute was filled with useful, soul-awakening information that I will continue to learn from and very importantly refer back to over the coming months and years to continue the successful growth of my financial empowerment coaching and development business! Janet knows DISC so well that every one who works with her cannot help, like myself, to really be encouraged and energized by her work! ~ Jan Litterst, Financial Empowerment Strategist
Janet is, without question, the most effective, no-nonsense, results oriented but always respectful facilitator I have enjoyed working with in over forty years of professional service. No one gets out the door without making a decision about full commitment and everyone comes back to the job renewed and rededicated. She is simply the best. ~ Jerry Wareham, retired CEO ideastream
I learned somethings about myself I never thought much about and now I can deal with other people and see them in a different light because of this training. Makes life a whole lot easier.
I have a better understanding of how people use working techniques to complete jobs that they are responsible for. not everyone has the same style and strategies. you provided answers in ways that each style can work together. ~ Terri
Helped me to better understand myself and become aware of ways to communicate better with the other styles (DiSC)
I can’t think of one type of a workforce that would not benefit from this training. From 2 to 200 employees or more!
Learned some things about some co-workers that I never would have learned by just working with them. And learned a few things about myself…good and bad. Loved it!!!!
The trainer was really enthusiastic and it was obvious she enjoys her job! She made the training fun! I enjoyed visiting with co-workers, some of which I don’t interact with at work and liked getting to know their “traits”. I was surprised that I matched up so well with my DISC style and most of the others matched their style too. I found the training to be very beneficial.


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