Problem Solving

The Berkshire Group Inc. theme for the month of June is Problem Solving. Our proprietary method helps organizations implement continuous improvement and work through simple or complex issues that are hindering their ability to be successful and optimize their full potential.

It feels as if change is happening at an ever-increasing rate as multiple factors impact our economy and the work force. More than ever it is becoming vital that an organization has a sound methodology for dealing with the rapidly changing business environment. Although new issues may arise they are still best confronted with a process and training rooted in principle that has stood the test of time. We are very proud of our Problem Solving process and training. It equips those who are navigating change and seeking to improve with tools they need to get the job done effectively.

This will be a busy month for us as we provide sessions 3 and 4 of Basic Facilitator Training, attend the Cleveland Business to Business Matchmaker, provide DISC training to new hires and fulfill speaking engagements.
Enjoy our posts and please give us feedback on items you find especially helpful and relevant. And if there are things you would like to hear more about please let us know! We want to help you succeed!