Pivoting? Or is it FINALLY taking overdue action?

Are you pivoting or are you taking overdue action? or both? For me it is a bit of both. For way too long I have been encouraged to figure out a way to:

  1. Get our Facilitator Training out to the world.
  2. Figure out a way to keep the quality of the program including the application and practice components but be able to offer it to remote locations.


So, why hadn’t it happened yet? Too busy, not a priority, revenue was just fine, and on and on and on. I don’t normally make excuses for not taking action, I am not typically a procrastinator, but this hadn’t happened. Sure, it costs money so investment was involved but the return could be significant. Being forced to offer everything virtually pushed this to the forefront.

All the signs have been there to make this pivot. Many people been working at home for years. Statistics have shown that by this year over 40% of the workforce would be “gig” workers. What other trends have been available to us as business owners that we should have or should now pay attention to?

It is critical that we take time regularly to look outward at the market and do our own planning just like we help other people with and build in the time regardless of how busy we are helping other businesses, to execute on those plans.  Our simple model below works if you work it regularly AND calendarize time to execute on the longer range plans.

Simple planning model

Out of these “unprecedented times” many of us are wanting to keep some of the habits or elements that we have developed as we have adjusted. We do not want to go back to “normal” because it wasn’t actually all it was cracked up to be. One of the things that I will keep is not only regularly going through the exercise with our own model for planning but also assuring that I am building in time for total execution of the plan and adjusting as needed. Seems like we go in and out of that discipline and this has been an awakening not to let the discipline slide.

As a first step toward the goal of getting our Facilitator Training https://www.berkshiregroupinc.com/our-services/leadership-development/#bft out to the world, I collaborated with https://mediascriptllc.com/ to test their e-learning platform while bringing something of value to others. The 42 minute session below was a step, enjoy and stay tuned as we continue to move toward a blended learning offering for our Facilitator training program and bring on others to deliver the instructor led portions!


Are you pivoting? Or is it FINALLY taking overdue action? Either way, it’s all good.