Janet Kendall White

Janet started Berkshire Group frustrated with the particular corporate life she was experiencing. She saw things that needed to be changed; processes that could be improved, people better suited for different roles, endless meetings with no movement, and little leadership. She saw outside consultants come in and get listened to; make recommendations that would get implemented while employees had made the same recommendations. Full of frustration and ideas, Janet decided to set her own course and start a consulting and training business.

Fast forward over 30 years later and Berkshire Group has a great track record of making a difference and impacting individuals and businesses in a positive way. That track record in part is due to Janet’s drive, need to achieve, have variety and cause change. Janet has brought and continues to bring her high energy, creativity and flexibility to the design of programs and services for clients that have stood the test of time but that also are tailored for individual clients’ and a changing world.

If there is a group, you will often see Janet leading it. She is not hesitant to step into the lead whether that is in volunteer work, clients, boards or just fun. That passion to lead goes way back to her roots growing up and being a junior camp counselor, sports captain and then thrown into career management positions at a very young age. Janet is also a “learning junkie” always pushing herself with books, certifications, webinars or conversations with others. She has a diverse educational background, certifications, and work experience that allow her to be an engaging speaker nationally and internationally on a variety of topics.  Janet and Berkshire Group have been featured in Fortune, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Janet devotes some of her time to causes that combine physical challenge and making a difference as well as organizations that support our veterans and women.

If you have a need for the more traditional schools, certificates, etc. you can view them on her LinkedIn profiles.