Our Services

Berkshire Group provides services that reflect our experience, passion and our core beliefs. Whether it is working with individuals, teams or organizations, we seek to furnish the best resources, tools and training to help our clients succeed. Your success is the result that drives our service!

Leadership Development

We approach leadership development in a customized, hands on way that is tailored to the organization we are working with. To do this, we meet each leader where they are and help them realize their potential while helping the organization grow. Our approach utilizes the best information and training available, both our own and that of others, that will meet the leadership development needs within the specific organization. We also pay attention to fit; who is on the bus and are they in the right seat. Our real-world experience allows us to empathize with business leaders and provide sensible and practical development that fits with the objectives of the business and is engaging and personable. We seek to give leadership development solutions that provide the greatest benefit in a timely way giving real value to individuals and to the business with whom we are working.

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Team Development

Teamwork really does provide a competitive advantage! Healthy, high functioning interpersonal relationships are more critical than ever before to the success of a business. Learn more about how Berkshire Group can help your team.

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Organization Development

We help clients successfully manage change by raising the capability and capacity of leaders, assisting with structure and process changes, facilitating difficult meetings and providing leaders and organizations with the tools to manage change more effectively.

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