Lost and Found

When it comes to relationships, do you sometimes feel bewildered, perplexed, like being in a maze? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you are what the dictionary defines as feeling LOST. Unless you stop to look around, you may not even realize you are lost or walking in circles. It is the nature of things and of people to continue heading in the same direction. You can also be lost without feeling lost or being aware that you are lost. We can be lost and not even know it…

Not too long ago I was making a long drive for a family visit. I had driven the same exact route many times. At some point I realized that my surroundings were unfamiliar. I had passed the correct exit and gone an additional fifteen miles in the wrong direction. I had become engrossed in what I was listening to and what I was thinking about. As the light of realization dawned I felt bewildered and perplexed, albeit momentarily, until the sign indicating that I was heading East flashed by. Ah-ha! That is why things did not look familiar. I should have been heading South! I was not where I wanted or needed to be! And, I was rapidly moving farther away in the wrong direction!

Then something else happened. I was no longer lost, I knew where I was and where I should be heading but, because I was on the interstate, I could not simply hit the brakes and perform a U-turn. I actually had to go further out of my way to make the needed course correction which required going to the next exit. Those few miles to the exit were long. When I was mindlessly heading in the wrong direction I didn’t pay any attention to how far I had gone. Once I was aware that I had made that mistake it was painful to go any farther in the wrong direction.

Lessons learned: Know where you are. Do not become so self-absorbed that you lose track of your environment. Select identifiable, memorable and reliable reference points (a snowman in December will not be there in June).So, how does this relate to relationships and personality assessments? Glad you asked! The science of personality patterns is as old as cave drawings. There are patterns to the way each person behaves. We call this ‘personality’ and understanding YOUR personality is the first step to building better relationships! The DISC personality assessment gives you a framework to understand yourself and others. To become ‘un-lost’ you must first be aware of where you are…

“You cannot BEWARE of something, until you are first AWARE of something!”

As you become aware of your personality, the patterns that define you, you will also begin to learn to see patterns in others. People have their own built-in perspective on life. Not understanding ourselves and others can lead to tension, disappointment, hurt feelings, unmet expectations and poor communication; being LOST. And this applies to all relationships whether you are apparent, a corporate professional, a student or a business owner.

We have been providing personality assessment training for many years. Utilizing the DISC Model of Human Behavior we have been able to help individuals learn about themselves and train them in HOW to utilize what they learn to improve their relationships with others. When you realize you are in unfamiliar surroundings in a relationship or that you have been walking in circles there is a way to find out where you are and there are proven tools to help you navigate and find your way towards where it is you want to go. That is the value of personality assessment!