Leadership Skills Required to Succeed

Leadership skills required to succeed moving forward.

As Berkshire Group enters its 26th year of leadership development we would like to offer some insights that will benefit business owners and executives. As fellow business owners, we appreciate the critical budget choices that must be made; how much to spend and what to spend it on, what investment will yield the greatest return and where can we cut costs. In addition to money, time must also be budgeted; what deserves daily, weekly or monthly time, is it spent on what is most profitable, is enough spent on priorities?

All the research we are hearing is clear. To stay competitive, effective leaders will need to learn and develop in three main areas: facilitation of effective meetings, emotional intelligence and building productive, cohesive teams. These are all on the ‘people side’ or soft skill side of getting the work done and are abilities that can be evaluated and taught. Regardless of trends in your industry, local or global markets or any other external factor, having capable and resilient leaders and teams will often be the difference-maker between failure and success. Even without knowing the future, your business can still prepare for it by training and developing leaders (starting with yourself) that can guide your people and help them optimize their abilities.

See this article on the need for facilitation:


On emotional intelligence:


On building productive, cohesive teams:


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We look forward to a successful year with you, both personally and professionally.