Lead by Shining Your Light

Light dispels darkness. Focusing on darkness does not dispel it. In a time when we see much darkness, neglecting or forgetting that there is light is wasting a valuable resource. By magnifying the negative and disparity, we are, in essence, pulling the blinds over the windows of our hearts and turning off the lights.

During the holiday season when many of us are with friends and family, we encourage you to seek out opportunities to introduce light. Magnify the many things we Americans have for which to be thankful. Look for small things to compliment people on. Put money in collection buckets in front of the grocery store. Let the people in your life know, specifically, how much you appreciate them. Spend more time listening than talking. When you do talk, introduce light. Challenge others to do the same rather than just tolerating their darkness. We will not be fondly remembered for our negative opinions, but for our acts and words of kindness.

A hug of compassion or genuine brotherly love can be life changing and sustaining. A few moments taken to listen and understand someone could make their day. Taking a breath and practicing patience may change a situation for the better.

Touch someone’s life with words of light and acts of kindness, especially now. We all need them.
You are wonderful. Share your wonderful-ness and enjoy the holidays! Shine on!