A ‘Keeping America Great’ Weekend

I just spent the weekend in Philadelphia, PA. The place that city occupies in our nation’s history is evident everywhere you go downtown. To be at the place where our constitution was enacted is always a significant personal experience. In many ways it is more-so than visiting Washington D.C.

What made this particular weekend especially significant was that I was there to attend the Army-Navy football game. It was the 118th time this game has been played and it was football at its finest, including the blustery, snowy weather. But, above the football rivalry and weather was the crowd. To be in the presence of so many families and their cadets, along with veterans and those currently serving our country always makes a big impact. I was part of a group of 12 civilians and veterans that have been attending the game together for twenty-one years. To see the young men and women who will be leaders in our military was heartening and gave me great pride and hope. As the parent of an active Airman, I felt the unspoken bond between the other parents there. This was a patriotic and personally invested group whose common love of country far surpassed any ‘team rivalry’. The cadets have made a voluntary commitment to serve and they are highly capable. What an outstanding group of young men and women!

Thank you to the city of Philadelphia, the personnel at Lincoln Financial Field, my friends and most importantly, the cadets and their families for continuing this great tradition with dignity, honor and fun.

God bless The United States of America!