Everything DiSC the Culture Catalyst

For almost four decades, thousands of organizations have recognized the power of a DiSC® experience.
And every year, Everything DiSC® pushes to make that experience even more potent and more valuable. When used appropriately it serves as a culture catalyst.

We understand changing cultural norms is easier said than done (big time!). An Everything DiSC learning experience can serve as a catalyst to your culture change endeavor by making behavior changes possible.

Each Everything DiSC experience will help participants:

  • Deepen their understanding of self and others
  • Apply common language to complex, behavioral differences
  • Offer personalized and specific action plans to help practice new behaviors


An established culture of listening ensures that listening is reciprocated throughout the organization, improving morale and creating a safe space to share concerns and opinions. While we often take on the assumption that getting others to listen is all on us, in reality, it’s workplace culture that makes all the difference in being heard.

One of the reasons Everything DiSC® is used by so many organizations is because the
model is simple and memorable. Learners carry the four styles out of the classroom and
can immediately infuse the ideas into their work culture. In addition, the circumplex model
is a powerful yet easy way to see how you relate to other people.

Everything DiSC profiles are bolstered by a comprehensive suite of training guides, videos,
and supplemental reports. And this suite is constantly being expanded and updated,
allowing for even more diverse applications and customizability. As well, full in-person
and online certification courses are readily available so that organizations can build their
internal expertise in a way that fits their needs.


Berkshire Group, Inc. is an Award Winning Authorized Partner and Everything DiSC® is a global leader in delivering personalized, soft skills learning experiences that have an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and cultures of organizations.