How to Win During the Great Resignation

How to Win During the Great Resignation: Creating a World Class Culture Your Employees Will Love by Anna Westfall

More and more stories about The Great Resignation are appearing on our news feeds daily. Employers of every industry and every size are turning a worried eye to their own staff, wondering who among their ranks may be the next to hand in their two-week notice.

The good news is that there are things you can do NOW to help prevent a mass exodus of your top talent. As participation in the Great Resignation increases, immediate action needs to be taken so that your employees aren’t tempted to take part.

When Berkshire Group Inc. was hired on as a consultant by Human Arc, a health care service firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, there was no country-wide upheaval going on. However, their need to retain top talent to exceed financial and other goals was still very real. In this article, we will showcase how this was achieved, and how you, too, can leverage this expertise to create a world-class company culture of your own amidst The Great Resignation.

Start With “Why?”

For Human Arc, the desire to create and implement a world-class company culture was based on increasing employee satisfaction and revenue and impacting lives. The company was small, yet fast-growing, so it was an excellent time to create a culture from the ground up that would sustain the company for years to come.

“You must always start with asking ‘why,’” says Janet Kendall-White, president of Berkshire Group Inc. “This is an imperative first step to the successful implementation of culture. Why do you want to do this?”

A World-Class Culture – Built to Retain World-Class Talent

After Janet met with Human Arc leaders and helped form their strategic plan and core values, she continued to meet with them on a quarterly basis to ensure goals were kept on track. “Sometimes those meetings were difficult,” explains Janet. “People had different opinions on how things should be done.” The plan consisted of a set of innovative solutions to address company goals: employee retention, employee satisfaction, impacting lives and increased revenue.

A leadership development program was introduced to train Human Arc’s Leaders. The program included three Berkshire Group courses: Facilitation Training, Problem Solving, and Everything DiSC® for Leaders. Each program was focused on providing skills to leaders to make them as effective in their roles as possible. “Your leaders determine your culture,” says Janet. “How leaders are developed is critical to a company’s success.” The trainings provided leaders with the tools they needed to perform their roles with confidence, both up and down the chain.

Human Arc also invested in the Everything DiSC program for all associates. This fun and interactive program was provided to every employee during the new hire onboarding process. By helping employees understand their own communication style and how it interacted with those of their coworkers and leaders, it fostered stronger relationships across all levels of the organization, allowing for better communication and a much more comfortable working environment as a result.

Another system introduced to help with employee satisfaction was Applause. This online recognition system operates much like a social media platform and allows Human Arc associates at all levels to create posts and award points to others to commend them for a job well done. The points could then be used to purchase items such as gift cards, jewelry and electronics, or even make donations to a charity of choice.

Prior to the implementation of the strategic plan, Human Arc lacked an integrated system to track performance. “In order to be successful, employees need to know what is expected, how to meet those expectations, and what can be done to improve if expectations are not being met,” says Janet. Berkshire Group Inc. assisted in the implementation of a system that allowed leaders to lay out the goals for their direct reports in a clear-cut manner. This also equipped leaders with a tool to track progress and provide feedback to their direct reports for improvement.

Monthly meetings were conducted with the leadership team for the purpose of sharing information, furthering education, planning future steps, and celebrating wins. Cross-functional continuous improvement teams were formed and met regularly to address organizational issues and make recommendations. The leadership team also made the decision to share company financials with every employee. “The information was made available on the public drive for any employee to see at any time,” Janet explains. “By being transparent about how the company is doing, it perpetuates further buy-in and the feeling of ownership.”

The Result

After the successful implementation of the solutions provided by Berkshire Group Inc., Human Arc’s culture evolved into one that associates were proud of. Turnover averaged 20%. Employee satisfaction reached an all-time high. Human Arc was honored with winning the North Coast 99 Great Place to Work award 15 years in a row, along with several other community service awards for their group volunteer efforts.

Thanks to the implementation of formal training, a focus on self-awareness, the introduction of systems, and transparency with company financials, Human Arc exceeded their revenue goals and continued to steadily grow their business. “Systems are only as good as the people who use them,” says Janet. “Developing people is what ultimately translates to business success.”

This is just a sampling of the services offered to help you create a world-class company culture of your own! Contact Berkshire Group Inc. today to request your consultation and find out how they can customize a solution for your needs that will help you gain the advantage over The Great Resignation!

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