Every generation has its own obstacles and it’s own opportunities. The horizon changes daily. The future belongs to those able to learn from what has been, to see what is, and to envision what can be. Organizations that are growing will need to recognize the importance of each part, past, present and future, and have members who bring healthy input and energy in each category.

Both start-ups and older companies need input from those who have been in business, who have a “professional past” and know the pitfalls and processes required to lay a good foundation. Success is not an accident. Having people on the team who know what it takes and have done what it takes to succeed will enable an organization to circumvent many mine fields. Phrases like ‘learn from the past’ or ‘learn from other’s mistakes’ are used more often than they are practiced. Learn  from people who were around in the past and made mistakes! Remember, the present and the horizon exist in their current state because of the actions and  choices made by past generations.

The ‘now’ generation functions in the present. Current operations of an organization require the majority of its resources. Now is where the rubber meets the road. These are the people who are maintaining current relationships and building future ones, keeping the lifeblood of the company flowing. These are the people taking care of your customers and carrying the learning from yesterday into the tasks of today. Make sure the ‘now’ generation knows they are appreciated for providing the food and oxygen that keeps the organization alive, healthy and growing.

The ‘horizon’ generation is constantly looking forward. These are the ones who take risks and think outside the box. They can be found at every level of an organization and their value should not be underestimated.  They are agents of change. Both the past and now generations can help temper ideas from horizon-ers but those with the horizon in their sights must also be protected and allowed to keep looking and moving forward. Moving forward may be something as simple as improving a process or could be something as monumental as a new, life altering invention. The horizon generation is the rapid response team that will help an organization compete in an ever changing environment.

Berkshire Group, Inc.’s approach to leadership development recognizes that a growing organization has a need for all three generations. We help train leaders to be able to appreciate and  effectively work with people with past experience, those with real time expertise and those with ideas and vision. This type of leadership is essential for an organization to continue to grow.  Core elements of our leadership development training include Basic Facilitation Training, Problem Solving,  Inter Personal Skills and Mentoring. Your organization can benefit form our courses by investing in the  generations of people who keep it going and growing.

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