Diversity and Everything DiSC Workplace©

Despite diversity, everyone has a personality! Having a personality may be one of the few things you have in common with a co-worker or business associate. Being able to articulate your personality style, where you tend to focus your energy, your motivators and stressors, and how you tend to relate to other DiSC styles immediately impacts your ability to relate to all other people on an individual level.

As diversity becomes more of a hiring and supplier/vendor mainstay the Wiley Everything DiSC suite of assessments become a more valuable tool. Despite cultural or ethnic differences, job experience or any other diversity factor, everyone has a unique personality. Because the Everything DiSC Workplace© profile looks at your behaviors based on adaptive testing, it looks at you; how you prefer to do things, your natural behaviors. This provides the foundation for understanding yourself and provides a proven framework for relating to others. Distinct DISC personality styles are observable even when there is a language barrier!

In any organization that represents a broad diversity spectrum it can be difficult to find commonality, much less, a unifying tool that unites people. The Everything DiSC Workplace© profile provides a common language and foundation for better relationships, and successful businesses are built on good internal and external relationships! Diversify and DiSC-ify!

For more information click on learn more here https://www.berkshiregroupinc.com/leadership-development/#disc, watch the introductory video below or go to http://www.everythingdisc.com