Attitude Isn’t Everything…It’s the Difference Maker

Attitude Isn’t Everything by Janet Kendall White, June 2021 Soar to Success Magazine

The first time I heard that it was a bit of a shock. I was brought up with people telling me that attitude was everything. My Mom was amazing and taught me that I could do anything. It was great and I appreciated it as it caused me to chase after things that I wanted and achieve them.

I have looked at John Maxwell as a bit of a mentor and years ago I picked up his book The Difference Maker. In that he states that attitude isn’t everything, I was a bit shocked at the time but interested so I read on. He very quickly convinced me that attitude indeed is NOT everything. Attitude is the difference maker. Over the past two years I have had to “take a check up from the neck up” more than once. I do not have the talent to be an NFL player though I love football so regardless of my attitude I did not and will not become a professional football player. Same thing holds true for other things. I do however have the talent to do what I do and do it well.

Over the past two years I have had to remind myself that even though I do not love operating virtually versus in person, with the right attitude I can bring my best self. My best self in the virtual environment. Instead of me thinking about what I don’t like and how I am not good at operating this way, I started thinking about what I am thankful for, what I do like about it, ways I am good at this, etc.

I also realized that to bring my best self with a better attitude that I need to get up, go through my personal morning routine and get dressed like I care about myself and those I will be “meeting with” on my computer. Different attitude, different results!

In the Difference Maker John Maxwell writes:

“Attitude is so pervasive and important that I’ve come to think of it like this:
It is the vanguard of your true self.
Its root is inward, but its fruit is outward.
It is your best friend or worst enemy.
It is more honest and consistent about you than your words.
It is your outward look based on your past experiences.
It is what draws people to you or repels them.
It is never content until it is expressed.
It is the librarian of your past.
It is the speaker of your present.
It is the prophet of your future. “

I have lived the better part of my life with what I would consider a good attitude. Sometimes you just need reminders, need to pay more attention to what you are telling yourself and feeding your mind and then take action that matches that.

If you need a bit of a boost or realize you could be more positive, I encourage you to pick up books like The Difference Maker, listen to the Strangest Secret or the many other positive choices that are out there. If you would like more recommendations or would just like to chat don’t hesitate to reach out

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