Our Approach to Leadership Development

  1. Strategic thinking,
  2. Continuous improvement with structured group problem solving,
  3. Interpersonal skills, and
  4. Facilitation skills


Our original continuous improvement model provides a framework for strategic thinking and specifies the steps that are needed to move forward through the continuous improvement process. Given the proper training, continuous improvement is both exciting and rewarding. We have developed a process by which teams and organizations can identify specific areas that need improvement and then address those areas in a way that provides maximum benefit. It is a course on how to identify strategically significant problems — or opportunities,  and make changes in a way that’s both constructive and efficient.

Interpersonal skills are essential to success. Everything we do revolves around our relationships with other people. Whether you are a parent, a corporate professional, a student or a small business owner, you deal with people all the time. And, the person you deal with most is yourself! Our DISC training offers insight into your own personality as well as those of others and teaches you how to work with different personality types.

To effectively develop effective leaders, we have designed our own facilitation training centered on the Berkshire Group, Inc.’s Cycle of Facilitation. Our goal is to teach you the role of facilitation, give you a set of proven facilitation tools, and show you how to use them most effectively. The tools include practical techniques for developing supportive environments, effectively managing each component of a meeting, dealing with dysfunctional behavior, and building both consensus and sense of individual ownership.

All of our training and development provides you, the leader, with a chance to apply what you are learning AS you are learning it. In our mentoring and other programs, we focus on the individual and challenge you to push yourself to improve.