Personality, Progress and Profit

Speaking a common ‘personality language’ in the work place will help avoid communication issues, resolve problems more quickly and impact the productivity and profitability of your company.

While interviewing new hires, it is the practice of most companies to look at the education and technical skill set of the potential hire. However, studies have shown that that technical skill, beginning with intelligence accounts for only 15% of success in the work place. The other 85% of workplace success comes from people skills!

Consider these facts:

  • Miscommunication can cost an organization 25% to 40% of its annual budget, estimates private investment firm Manchester Companies.
  • It’s estimated that 14% of each workweek is wasted as a result of poor communication.
  • A 2004 NFI study of over 2,000 senior executives and managers across the US found that 94% of the participants identified “communicating well” as the most important skill for executives and managers to have in order to be successful today and tomorrow.
  • A multi-year Gartner Group survey concluded that more than 80% of IT projects were “late, over budget, short of expectations, or simply undelivered” as a result of poor communication at the outset.


Businesses today are always striving to invest time and money resources in those areas that have the greatest value. In fact, one of the secrets of great performance is to strategically devote your time and energy to only the most essential things.

While it is not uncommon for companies to employ some type of personality assessment in their hiring process what is less common is the use of personality assessment and training among employees. Based on the statistics mentioned previously it would certainly make sense to invest in this type of training. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule says that 80% of yields come from 20% of investments. This type of training is a small investment that yields a very large return.

In our 25 years of providing training and leadership development, nothing tops personality assessment training when it comes to relationships within an organization AND customer service relationships. Providing employees with knowledge about what makes each person unique and yet enabling them to see patterns and understand how to effectively communicate with all types of personalities is an empowering tool.

In addition, by going through uniform training within an organization the employees will have the ability to discuss personality issues using a common language and experience.

How it Works

People are influenced and motivated differently. This is basically true because people have different personality styles and each personality has different basic needs.

The Elevator Test:

The elevator doors are about to close on an eager rider who is trying to get on the crowded elevator. There are four people already inside the elevator. One of the people in the crowded elevator is in a hurry and does not want to wait. There is also a bubbly, energetic passenger who holds the door open while greeting the newcomer. A third rider is happy either way. The final passenger is cautiously concerned as she calculates the weight to see if the elevator can handle another person.

Through this example you can see that the four people on the elevator have different personalities and respond to the same situation (the other rider trying to get on) in completely different ways. Imagine a workplace where each employee knows his or her own personality type and those of their co-workers. If you have been given tools to recognize and work with the different types you are able to begin seeing what might be needed to communicate effectively. For example, let’s say you want to move a discussion forward but you know you are talking to a personality type that will be concerned about ‘the weight of the elevator’. Providing that type with the data that will assure them that the elevator is safe will allow them to engage based on their personality priorities. The weight limit of the elevator may seem insignificant to you but by acknowledging and providing for their personality type you will ultimately expedite the discussion and allow for fewer misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Berkshire Group, Inc. provides training utilizing the Everything DiSC suite of assessments geared toward your specific situation.  Invest a few minutes by speaking to one our certified DiSC trainers to find out more about the use of personality assessments and how they will help avoid communication issues, resolve problems more quickly and impact the productivity and profitability of your company.

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